The Ugly Man

A  bartender realized that he couldn’t stop himself from staring at a man sitting at his bar. He finally said to the man, “Hey buddy.  I know I’ve been staring at you, and I’m sorry for that. But I gotta tell you – you must be the ugliest guy I’ve ever seen.” The man responded, “Oh, that’s all right. Listen, I want to make you a bet.” The bartender asked, “What is it?” The man pointed to a young couple sitting at a table in one of the back corners of the establishment. He said, “You see that beautiful blonde sitting with that guy back there?” The bartender said, “Yeah. She’s gorgeous.” The man said, “Ill bet you fifty bucks that I can pick her up and get her to leave the bar with me.” The bartender said, “You’re on!” He slapped a fifty dollar bill on the bar. The man began to make his way toward the table where the couple was sitting, but then turned around and walked back to the bar.  He said, “And I’ll bet you another fifty bucks that as we walk out, she’ll pat me on the ass and wink at you.” The bartender said, “That’s a bet,” and put another fifty dollar bill on the bar. The man walked over to the table where the couple was sitting. After about 10 seconds, the girl stood up, grabbed the man’s hand, and accompanied him toward the exit. As they passed the bar, she patted the man on the ass and winked at the bartender. The man grabbed his hundred bucks, and he and the girl walked out. The bartender was stunned. His curiosity was killing him. He walked over to the table where the guy was now sitting alone. He said, “Excuse me. I don’t mean to intrude, but I saw what just happened. I gotta know. What did that man say?” The guy looked up at the bartender and said, “He didn’t say a word. He just stood there licking his eyebrows.”

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